Elmhurst History in Time and Space

The City of Elmhurst, Illinois owned a large collection photos, historical maps, and other assets accumulated from their initial incorporation, and needed a solution for how to share this information with the public. In partnership with Angle Park, elbe creative partners designed and developed "Elmhurst History in Time and Space", a multi-user touch table that’s part of a larger interactive display in the recently renovated Elmhurst Historical Museum. This particular interactive was deployed on a 55” 4K table, approachable from all angles (it’s pictured in this demo on a smaller touchscreen). It needed to target a cohesive and compelling concept, while engaging four users at a time of all ages and user-experience. It also provides a "docent mode" option as a tool to help educate the museum's guests. 

"Elmhurst History in Time and Space" is a winner of the 2015 Media + Technology MUSE award.  

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