For the MODEX trade show, we helped our client realize a unique interactive. The experience won 2nd place in the Exhibition Experiences category at the 2022 American Business Awards.

KNAPP constructs automated warehouses for a variety of industries. As you can imagine, an entire warehouse needs many systems to make it function. Additionally, different industries require different configurations.

We built three different interactives depicting automated warehoused for three industries. To do this, we designed and printed 3D models of KNAPP’s equipment, showing the layout of the warehouses.

Each table was comprised of 14 to 24 models. To tell the story of a given warehouse, we allowed users to control each table with an adjacent iPad. Navigating with the iPad, users stepped through the narrative with the relevant models glowing at each stage.  

In addition, each table was built with four displays so we could display motion graphics between the models and 100” wall monitors which displayed video - all of which were controlled by the user’s actions on the iPad.

To top it all off, once an hour, a sales rep could take over the table to give a presentation where they could control the illumination of various models on the entire table at once.


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